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PSA: Don't Forget The Hyphen!

Don't Forget The Hyphen ( - ) Public Service Announcement
We know that the domain is awfully similar to the old one which is now overrun by malicious ads and links, unfortunately we can't get it back. So Don't Forget to add the hyphen also known as the "Dash" between unkind and brotherhood in the URL just like this:
This is a friendly PSA by the UnkindBrotherhood By The Creed, For The Creed
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We are back!

We Are Back! So as Discussed earlier this year, the group has disbanded in the form of business, we haven't conducted much due to all our lives taking us in different directions. However! We are back, but not in a business style, number crunching, and a support group. We are just going to be a chill group of streamers and gamers.
We may not always be active but we have connected with a service to retweet tweets using the Hashtag #unkindbrotherhood and we will be jumping in streams from time to time to support other small streamers, we have a lot to do all the time though so we may not be there every stream you make or begin but we will be there :)
Be sure to use #unkindbrotherhood in tweets as we will be going to streams that use that first as it is quicker for us to see and go jump in as it notifies us but, also be sure to jump into the discord
We are friendly people, there are rules in place to remove those who are toxic and just want to troll, so don…

How To Portforward Sagemcom F@st 3864 V3 AC Router (Minecraft)

How To Portforward Sagemcom F@st 3864 V3 AC Router (Minecraft)
This is a basic video showing how to portforward and setup a minecraft server on a Sagemcom F@st 3864 V3 AC Router Distributed With Optus' NBN Packages 2018. Also works for any previous Sagemcom router that has been distributed with NBN plans.

⚡Check out the Website For More Tutorials!⚡

⚡PC Build:⚡
* Ryzen 5 1600 -
* 16GB (2x8GB) GEIL DDR4 2400MHz RAM -
* 3x 1TB WD Black 3.5" HDDs -
* 500W PSU 80+ Bronze -
* Asus "Dual" 1050Ti 4GB -
* Corsair Carbide 270R Mid Tower -

⚡Suggested Accessories:⚡
* CORSAIR K70 LUX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX  Blue Switches -
* Logitech G300s Optical Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse -
* Razer Goliathus Extended Gaming Mouse Mat -

Studio Build Log 3 - Collectibles Cabinet Installation

Studio Build Log 3 - Collectibles Cabinet Installation - Unkindjolt - 
Welcome finally to the third Studio Build Log, ( Studio Build Log 3 ).

Sir Chestnut the Third? maybe? idk? Just ignore the ramblings of a crazed description writer hired by Pharahtato for a pay of 3mLs of water a day... Pays well actually. Idk why I complain.

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~Signed Barry, the hyperbole hamster.

The dissolution of the creative team

The Dissolution of the creative team  Unkindjolt, Co-Founder It is with a heavy heart that I write this message to confirm the end of the creative team, over what seems both a short and a long period of time of our existence as a group that wished to create content together, life has gotten in the way and with zero funding or a way to move forward, the group must dissolve as a "business style" group. 
From here onwards we will no longer be accepting new members into the group in the form of creators or designers. We would like to formally extend an invitation to those who would still like to collaborate but for now, the group is basically returning to a casual community for gaming and just being friends.
Any contracts regarding members or commission are now forfeit no sales were made at all during the time our store site was up in 2016/2017. A future for merchandise may still be available down the track and would be in the form of apparel and accessories hosted by teespring.

Judge Moose - $hit Talk Gaming: Farcry 5, Episode 2

Judge Moose - Shit Talk Gaming: Farcry 5, Episode 2 By Jolt (Pharahtato)

Oh, it's Episode 2? Thought I wasn't gonna do it on FarCry 5... Well, $hit! Welcome back to another $hit Talk Gaming This one is short like it is supposed to be. 

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Music and Videos Used:

Metal Triangle:
Youtube Audio Library (Sound FX)

Rubber Balloon Squeal:
YouTube Audio Library (Sound FX)

Kenny Chesney - She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

Cougar Snarl:
The Cougar in my basement.

Kisma - We Are [NCS Release]:
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Free Download / Stream:

For being a champ and posing for that photo

Thank You & Small Creator Support Giveaway

Thank You & Small Creator Support GiveawayI am extremely grateful for the support I have received on my channel, hitting 470 subscribers is something I never thought would happen, I haven't been focusing on my own channel much as I have been trying my hardest to help others. I just want to say I have noticed and I am thankful, so I am going to combine what I have been trying to do and a thank you all in one. 

I am running a giveaway which will be drawn at the end of the week.
It will run through and when it is drawn I will be vetting out bots that will inevitably get thrown into the mix, so that the competition is as fair as possible.

Jolt's Thank You & Small Creator Support Giveaway

Support Troops Afflicted With PTSD

Support Troops Afflicted With PTSD
Grab some Unkindbrotherhood apparel or accessories and support troops with PTSD, 100% of profits go to the PTSD Foundation of America.

14 Days to support the troops by grabbing some apparel or accessories, once the campaign is complete Teespring will ship your order.

Q. You're Based in Australia Why Do you Care About US Troops?
A. We may be based in Australia but we have members from all parts of the globe.

Q. Why PTSD?
A."Personally growing up in a military family, I have seen what it can do to people. I would never wish this upon anyone." ~Jolt.

Q. I don't live in the US can I still support and receive my item/s?
A. Of course! Teespring ships globally.