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Get Your Ad Here - Click to Enquire

Support Troops Afflicted With PTSD

Support Troops Afflicted With PTSD
Grab some Unkindbrotherhood apparel or accessories and support troops with PTSD, 100% of profits go to the PTSD Foundation of America.

14 Days to support the troops by grabbing some apparel or accessories, once the campaign is complete Teespring will ship your order.

Q. You're Based in Australia Why Do you Care About US Troops?
A. We may be based in Australia but we have members from all parts of the globe.

Q. Why PTSD?
A."Personally growing up in a military family, I have seen what it can do to people. I would never wish this upon anyone." ~Jolt.

Q. I don't live in the US can I still support and receive my item/s?
A. Of course! Teespring ships globally.

YouTube Partner Program Changes - No Longer Supports Small Channels

YouTube No Longer Monetizing  Small Channels  By JoltThe YouTube Partner Program Has Changed Once Again.
This Time Completely Doing Away With Channels Under 1000 Subs and 1000+ Sub Channels That Do Not Have 240,000 Minutes over the past 12 months.
You Must Have 240,000 Minutes of Watch-Time and 1000+ Subscribers.

Metabox N850HJ Unboxing

Metabox N850HJ  Unboxing  By Jolt 

This is the Metabox N850HJ, I will be working on a review to come out in about a week's time! So stay tuned by smacking that Sub Button!
And if you liked the video don't forget to leave a big fat thumbs up!
(Not A Sponsored Video) ===================== #metabox #notebook #laptop #AlphaN850HJ #N850HJ #Alpha #unboxing

Website Updates and How To Join The Community!

Join The Community Jolt
Welcome back once again everyone, this is a quick update on things and how you can join the community!
So updates to the site include: (+ = Added) / (- = Removed) + Sponsor Banners -  Redundant Pages + Copyright Attributes To The Footer.
So, now that's out of the way let's move onto how you can join a friendly community of gamers and content creators.
Well you can join us over on Twitter or Facebook and use the hashtag #Unkindbrotherhood or if you have discord you can come join in with all the fun
Click that link to login/signup and join our channel where you can share your content and play against or with other members of the community. 
We do try our best to keep it moderated if there is ever a problem and we aren't available feel free to contact myself or any of the admins over on twitter or directly on discord.
Have a pleasant day and hope to see you over there soon!
By The Creed, For The Creed

Penetration Tester For Hire

My name is EZ. I am a freelance penetration tester. I get hired to ethically hack into a target system in order to find vulnerabilities and bugs and possibly fix those problems. I work under 2 commandments:
1) Work Ethically
2) Have Respect
So I shall not do anything that hasn't been authorized by the target company/employer. I work as a contractor; so as soon as my job is done I forget about and delete all information about the job done. I specialise in network hacking, social engineering, and target device hacking. Obviously I don't possess all the skills, but any new skills required for the job I can learn very quickly. If you have any further questions or enquiries you can contact me via: •eMail:
•GitHub: (By EZ)

Creator Profile - EZ

Creator Profile
Hi! I am EZ!
I like to mess around with computer systems and technology as well as the software and the inner workings thereof. So basically I am an ethical hacker. I joined the UnkindBrotherhood as a content creator on the YouTube platform. I immediately felt at home and comfortable with all the members. They have become my online family even though I have never met them in real life. A bit more about myself: I love people and being social.  I find myself most comfortable online in the Brotherhood group. So yeah. Dat me lol!
Find me online:
I can hack your toaster!

Creator Profile - Unkindjolt

Creator Profile  Jolt:Jolt: "Unkindjolt. The busy administrator for the Brotherhood, tries their best to keep everything up to date along with reaching out to sponsors and businesses to ensure the Brotherhood's survival." ~ Lynx
YouTube: Twitter:

Creator Profile - Unkindlynx

Creator Profile Lynx:
Lynx: "Unkindlynx. An administrative ghost for the Brotherhood, you'll never know when you'll catch this mysterious beast. If you do, make sure to take time and observe each action that is made, for it is a once in a lifetime opportunity" ~ Jolt
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PSA: Don't Forget The Hyphen!

Don't Forget The Hyphen ( - ) Public Service Announcement
We know that the domain is awfully similar to the old one which is now overrun by malicious ads and links, unfortunately we can't get it back. So Don't Forget to add the hyphen also known as the "Dash" between unkind and brotherhood in the URL just like this:
This is a friendly PSA by the UnkindBrotherhood By The Creed, For The Creed