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Website Updates and How To Join The Community!

Join The Community


Welcome back once again everyone, this is a quick update on things and how you can join the community!

So updates to the site include:
(+ = Added) / (- = Removed)
+ Sponsor Banners
-  Redundant Pages
+ Copyright Attributes To The Footer.

So, now that's out of the way let's move onto how you can join a friendly community of gamers and content creators.

Well you can join us over on Twitter or Facebook and use the hashtag #Unkindbrotherhood or if you have discord you can come join in with all the fun

Click that link to login/signup and join our channel where you can share your content and play against or with other members of the community. 

We do try our best to keep it moderated if there is ever a problem and we aren't available feel free to contact myself or any of the admins over on twitter or directly on discord.

Have a pleasant day and hope to see you over there soon!
By The Creed, For The Creed



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