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The dissolution of the creative team

The Dissolution of the creative team 

Unkindjolt, Co-Founder 

It is with a heavy heart that I write this message to confirm the end of the creative team, over what seems both a short and a long period of time of our existence as a group that wished to create content together, life has gotten in the way and with zero funding or a way to move forward, the group must dissolve as a "business style" group. 

From here onwards we will no longer be accepting new members into the group in the form of creators or designers. We would like to formally extend an invitation to those who would still like to collaborate but for now, the group is basically returning to a casual community for gaming and just being friends.

Any contracts regarding members or commission are now forfeit no sales were made at all during the time our store site was up in 2016/2017. A future for merchandise may still be available down the track and would be in the form of apparel and accessories hosted by teespring.

Thank you all for sticking with us throughout our existence as a creative team but we must now move on. This site will still have regular posts regarding individual team member's content and live streams and will be still redesigned during July.

Jolt Co-founder of the Unkindbrotherhood.


  1. It is a little sad but it doesn't mean the end cause the MCN disbanded :)

    1. very true, more things will happen with the team members cos we're all good friends, we just won't be conducting as a type of MCN/Business any longer.


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