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We are back!

We Are Back! 

So as Discussed earlier this year, the group has disbanded in the form of business, we haven't conducted much due to all our lives taking us in different directions. However! We are back, but not in a business style, number crunching, and a support group. We are just going to be a chill group of streamers and gamers.

We may not always be active but we have connected with a service to retweet tweets using the Hashtag #unkindbrotherhood and we will be jumping in streams from time to time to support other small streamers, we have a lot to do all the time though so we may not be there every stream you make or begin but we will be there :)

Be sure to use #unkindbrotherhood in tweets as we will be going to streams that use that first as it is quicker for us to see and go jump in as it notifies us but, also be sure to jump into the discord 

We are friendly people, there are rules in place to remove those who are toxic and just want to troll, so don't worry about joining and feeling threatened by assholes.

Live Long And Prosper, Volunteer as Tribute and all the other exits you can think of we'll see you again soon!

Don't Forget To Checkout:
Pharahtato's Website -
and the Twitter Account @unkindbrthrhood


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